Forty minute classes consisting of:
Flexibility section
Kettlebell section
Aerobic conditioning
Core\stabilising routine

This is a highly time efficient class aimed at maximising flexibility, strength and endurance.
Included is increased stress releasing through the practise of deep breathing technique.
Dynamic movements are integrated into the routine so that the full range of muscles and nerves from the deep inner stabilising muscles and progressing to the larger outer ones are worked. The cardio section incorporates four cycles of interval training.


The concept of a Dojo originated in Japan and includes activities from martial arts such as judo, aikido, taiji, archery, and karate, or non martial activities such as origami, chado (tea tasting), kite flying, cookery and design of Japanese rock gardens.

A Dojo is a space where individuals or groups practice activities that propagate personal development. The aim is to discover the deepest level of ones being. All of the disciplines taught in a Dojo are challenging . . . their . . and can provide people the opportunity to find answers to the fundamental questions of life. Ken engages his Dojo participants in a wide range of physical practices from both east and west.

The Dojo class at Artesia will comprise of three sections that deal with health, fitness and well being lasting 90 minutes in total.
30 min: Exercises and practices that are taken from such disciplines as Tai chi, yoga and pilates. The aim is to increase strength and flexibility.
30 min: Once health is secured the attention shifts to fitness. This is a more challenging section with content from Global shapeshifters.
30 min: The final section involves a blend of mind and body exercises laying a platform to spiritually progress, expanding the feeling of yourself, realising what is important for your well being. This involves learning complimentary routines in pairs or individually based on Tai chi san-sau and conflict resolution practices.

Time Schedule

One Global shapeshifters and one Dojo class weekly mornings (e.g. Tuesday and Thursday), beginning at 07:30. The same evenings twice a week (e.g. Monday and Wednesday), beginning around 18:00. I am flexible in this matter.


This will be a full days training aimed at encouraging the staff of Artesia to be highly efficient self motivating individual of a team. STIKKORD. I will expand on this concept thoroughly if needed. E.g. Sunday 28th of January 2007.

Fees are not included in this offer but will be discussed.