My name is Kenny Johnson. I am frequently given eseoteric and metaphysical insight which I feel are important to pass on to certain people or groups at particular times.

In terms of myself, I have trained in both physical and mental disciplines since I was a child and now this results in over 40 years experience (and continuing!). I am a former karate champion, winning the European championships 6 times, as well as many other competitions, including the NM.

My mental and spiritual training has been at the hands of two Masters primarily, one in Yoga and the other in Chi Kung and Tai Chi. In 2005, with the Grace of my teachers and my own sincerity of effort, I received the highest level of understanding which I now seek to make permanent in my own awareness as well as to introduce as many others as possible to it, so that they might also find and fulfil their spiritual purpose and potential. My aim is to be of service and if it would be of interest to you, I would very much like the opportunity to talk to you.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this,

Kenny Johnson



Artesia 2007

You cannot win them all