Ken has studied Martial Arts since the age of 10, and has been a major force in Asian practises and philosophy for both public and private sector in America, Australia and Europe the last 25 years. He is recognised as an outstanding contributor to the worlds of Karate, Tai Chi, Ba-gua, Qi Gong, and Combat Training, skills in which he has held numerous courses, workshops and retreats. Ken’s sharp intuition enables him to read his participants accurately and thus provides extensive personal guidance and support.

He has produced many audio- and video training aids in addition to several publications on subjects as varied as ‘nervous system and eastern arts’, ‘western health concept in light of eastern medical understanding’, and ‘handbook on self defence’.

Spirituality lies at the root of all of Ken’s engagements. The expression may be tough close counter combat fighting, flowing tai chi movements or high precision Karate, his aim still moves beyond the physical world and into exploring ones spiritual potentials.

Foto: Erle Kyllingmark


KARATE (8th dan black belt)

Studied Karate under Master Keiji Tomiyama, head of Kofukan Karate Organisation, Britain, from age of 10. European Champion in Karate, having won the title 6 times between 1980 and 1994, and took 1st place at the Japanese Open Championships in 1985. Ken was Olympic coach in Karate for the ladies down hill ski team for the winter games in Lillehammer. He was also the official National Karate coach for the Zimbabwean Karate team for the all Africa games in 1990.

QI GONG & TAI CHI (Kong Style, 5th degree black belt)

Studied Tai chi, healing Chinese philosophy and Qi gong also from age of 10. Principle teacher was Master Alan Kong, head of The Liang yi school of Tai chi, who made Ken his successor at the school in 2004. Chief instructor of The world Tai chi boxing federation for 5 years. This organisation is the largest and most respected Tai chi organisation in the world, headed by Master Erle Montaigue (Australia) whom Ken learned from directly by attending more than a dozen long term retreats on Tai chi and Ba-gua in his native land. Received teaching qualifications in Qi gong healing at the Shanghai research institute from Master Pam Timmers.


Senior portage of Master John Gent who is the founder of The British wheel of yoga and co-founder of The friends of yoga. As a genuine working master John Gent is the most senior examiner in Britain for giving and educating yoga teachers. Ken has studied yoga (Indian, Chinese, Tibetan) with Master John Gent since 1985, and still continues to do so. Studied under Master Mantak Chia, head of The Healing tao organisation. This is a major organisation with base in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where subjects such as the six healing sounds, the iron shirt, and the five elements are thought. Master Chia has authored over 30 books on various topics.


Ken is certified by the SCARS Institute which is the only United States defence department training facility specifically formulated to teach and deliver classified information to United States navy seals and United States special back up forces. Ken is the only non American ever to be trained and graduate from this facility (2006). The training is on going. He is furthermore authorised to certify Police Trainers in the PACT program under the SCARS Institute, which is specifically for law enforcement officers.

Ken has been an official consultant to the Norwegian Special Forces, Spanish Special forces, Spanish Police force, and trained law enforcement instructors in UK.


Ken was trained in Chinese massage at a four month intensive retreat at Kadija which is a healing retreat run by Mr Wally Simpson, one of Australia’s foremost Chinese doctors and acupuncturists.


Holds a Bachelor of Sports Science obtained at Trent polytechnic in Nottingham.


The European Institute of Combat Fighting

Combat Fighting is a right brain process (ie. holistic) that emphasise the survival of people when faced with a violent attacker. It is the science of human control, and employs the use of a mission specific mental approach combined with constant physical interactions in a changing environment. The subjects covered are: hand to hand fighting, hand to weapon fighting, gun disarmament, sentry illumination, counter terrorism, counter car jacking, integration training and mind control techniques.

Absolute Training System

ATS, Absolute Training System, combines Ken’s deep belief in physical well-functioning (upgrading/strength, flexibility, precision and control) importance to self-confidence and extending the use of ones bodily, mental and spiritual potentials.

Global Shapeshifters

Global Shapeshifters specialises in providing physical training, nutrition program and attitude change at the highest level to individuals, public officials, and business executives concerned about personal safety and security, and the exploration of personal potentials.

Ken Johnson: